K-Members & Braces

QA1 offers K-Members for Mustangs and Mopar applications and K-Member Braces for Mustangs. The tubular K-Members are designed for weight savings and as a bolt-in swap for the factory K-Member.

For hard core race applications only. Not for street use.

Mustang Drag Racing K-Member

Hard Core Race Applications Only

QA1's tubular K-members are designed from the ground up for weight savings, improved geometry and as a bolt-in swap for the factory K-member.

  • Bolt-In Design
    All mounting points have been digitally indexed from new, factory K-members.
  • Mild Steel DOM Tubular Construction
  • Weight Savings
    Up to 28 lbs. lighter than the factory K-members with increased strength by design.
  • Increased Header Clearance
    Header and oil pan clearance maximized for easier maintenance and installation.
  • Modular Design for Versatility
    Spring perches are removeable for extra weight savings when using coil-over kits. Stock or aftermarket a-arms can be used.
  • Improved Geometry
    Bump steer, anti-drive and Ackerman angles have been improved for maximum performance. If the vehicle has been modified, there is a potential for tire to fender clearance issues. This k-member will change the vehicle's stance to a performance race stance.

For best results, QA1 control arms are strongly recommended.

Not for street use!

Part Number Name   Notes
MU1TK Mustang Tubular K-Member   Ford Mustang 4.6 '96-'04
MU2TK Mustang Tubular K-Member   Ford Mustang 5.0 '79-'95

K-Members for Mopar A, B or E-Body

QA1's Mopar K-Members are direct bolt-ons to any A, B or E-Body. Engineered for maximizing strength while reducing the front end weight over 50 lbs.! The K-Member comes with motor mount attachment points to accept factory and aftermarket motor mounts. The tubular design also allows for greater header clearance.

Available soon for purchase!

Part Number Name   
52313 Mopar Tubular K-Member for A Body    
52314 Mopar Tubular K-Member for B/E Body    


K-Member Braces for Mustangs

QA1 K-Member Braces are designed to stabilize the front suspension during hard cornering, allowing for improved control and handling. These braces reinforce the OEM cross member, also known as the K-Member, and help to keep the lower control arms from distorting during extreme conditions. They are currently the only braces on the market to feature an adjustable sleeve for fine tuning the preload.

Part number 52105 is shown in photo.

Part Number Name
52105 K-Member Brace for 1994-04 Mustang
52106 K-Member Brace for 1979-93 Mustang





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