Control Arms

QA1 offers a variety of upper and lower control arms for Mustangs, GM and Mopars.

Mustang Tubular Control Arms

QA1's Mustang Tubular Control Arms reduce unsprung weight while improving weight distribution in race applications.  QA1 Mustang tubular control arms require the use of coil-over struts.  QA1 caster camber plates are recommended.  Get a substantial weight savings of 15 lbs. per set!

Eco-Comp Control Arms
The Eco-Comp Control Arms are built with poly bushings and are engineered for performance.  For use on the strip. the Eco-Comps offer value without sacrificing performance.

Pro-Comp Control Arms
The QA1 Pro-Comp Control Arms are equipped with Qa1's exclusive X series chromoly rod ends which allow you to change both the wheelbase and the stance of your vehicle, allowing you to achieve a wide range of wheel alignment settings that will improve straightline performance and track stability!


QA1 tubular control arms require the use of QA1 coil-over struts and QA1 caster/camber plates.

Kit Includes: (1) Right Control Arm, (1) Left Control Arm



Pro-Comp Control Arm MU1TCA shown in photo above.

Application Description   Part Number 
79-93 Ford Mustang 5.0 Eco-Comp Control Arms   MU1ESA
79-93 Ford Mustang 5.0 Pro-Comp Control Arms   MU1TCA
94-04 Ford Mustang 5.0/4.6 Eco-Comp Control Arms   MU2ESA
94-04 Ford Mustang 5.0/4.6 Pro-Comp Control Arms   MU2TCA
79-93 Ford Mustang with SN95 Suspension Eco-Comp Control Arms   MU3ESA
79-93 Ford Mustang with SN95 Suspension Pro-Comp Control Arms   MU3TCA

GM Control Arms


GM A, G and F-Body control arms are available in two configurations - street and race.  The street arms use a factory replacement ball joint and polyurethane pivot bushings.  These work great n vehicles used primarily for cruising and long distance events.  The race arms utilize a QA1 Low Friction Ball Joint and low friction, low deflection pivot bushings, providing the added performance needed for drag racing, pro-touring and hard core street applications.  These control arms feature powder coated tubular construction for increased strength and great looks and come configured for QA1 Pro-Coil Systems.  A bolt-in spring adapter is available to allow control arms to be used with stock springs.  All of the upper arms feature on offset cross shaft, letting you quickly and easily adjust camber.

All of these arms are designed to add 3-4 degrees of caster and 0.5 to 1 degree of negative camber when used together.  When used independently they will add approximately half of the preceding numbers.

All parts are sold in pairs.


  Upper Arms Upper Arms Lower Arms Lower Arms
  Race Street Race Street
64-72 GM A-Body (Chevelle, GTO, 442 Buick GS, etc.)* 52322 52422 52337 52437
73-77 GM A-Body (Malibu, Monte Carlo, Cutlass, Regal, etc.)** 52318 52418 52320 52420
78-88 GM G-Body (Malibu, Monte Carlo, Cutlass, Regal, etc.)** 52365 52465 52364 52464
67-69 GM F-Body (Camaro, Firebird)* 52317 52417 52319 52419
70-81 GM F-Body (Camaro, Firebird)** 52318 52418 52320 52420
82-92 GM F-Body (Camaro, Firebird)*** N/A N/A 52321 52421
82-04 GM S Series (S10, S15, Sonoma, etc.)** 52367 52467 52366 52466
68-74 GM X-Body (Nova)* 52317 52417 52319 52419

* Bolt-in Spring Adapter (# 7720-168) needed for use with stock springs.

** Bolt-in Spring Adapter (# 7720-203) needed for use with stock springs.

*** Only for use with QA1's Pro Coil Systems.

Mopar Control Arms

Upper Control Arms
Ready to bolt on control arm sets for your Mopar. They have a built in 3 degree caster with the ability to adjust to 7 degrees! Stainless steel end or rod end options. Designed for factory suspension or coil-over conversion.


Lower Control Arms
QA1 offers Mopar A, B and E-Body Control Arms with sway bar tabs. A direct bolt-in on your factory K-Member, these lower control arms are twice as strong as factory arms and save you 8 pounds! The set includes bushings, pivot arms and nuts for ease of installation.

Kit Includes: (1) Right Control Arm, (1) Left Control Arm

  Upper Arms   Lower Arms        
64-72 Mopar A-Body 52303   52307*
73-76 Mopar A-Body 52301**   52307*
62-72 Mopar B-Body 52305   52308***
70-74 Mopar E-Body 52305   52308****

* Designed to work with the 64-66 A-Body with no sway bar and 67-73 A-Body with the 73-76 sway bar or "flat bar."

** Only factory cars and any A-Body that was swapped to disc brakes with factory parts (large ball joint).

*** Only recommended for 62-70 B-Body applications with no sway bar or E-Body sway bar and QA1 K-Member #52315.

**** Designed to work with the E-Body sway bar and the 71-72 B-Body sway bar.



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