Twin Tube Sealed Shocks

If you’re thinking about going with a twin tube shock, then QA1 has the highest quality and best variety for you.

On a smooth and slick track surface, it’s tough to go wrong with a twin tube. Twin tubes don’t have gas pressure and can sometimes get the car into the track more than a monotube. If you have a floating, sitting on top of the racetrack feeling, and you’re running monotube shocks, you may want to look into a quality twin tube.

A twin tube shock is also great for open wheel racing as the body can be dented and the shock will still work. Twin tube shocks are not ideal for rough track racing.

QA1 Suspension Component

QA1 55 Series Steel Chrome Plated Shock

Circle Track Twin Tube Large Body Shock Absorber

Classic look, classic performance. QA1's 55 Series chrome plated twin tube shock is available in a wide variety of valvings, and is an excellent choice for any series or tracks that require a sealed shock.

QA1 Suspension Component

QA1 75 Series Steel Chrome Plated Shock

Circle Track Twin Tube Small Body Shock Absorber

A scaled down version of the 55 series, QA1’s 75 Series shock absorber has a classic look and classic performance in a smaller package. This is an excellent choice when clearance is an issue. Available in many popular valving options, this sealed shock conforms to track and series’ sealed shock rules.


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