- - QA1 28 Series - Rebuildable Monotube - Expanded Gas Chamber

- - QA1 28 Series  - Rebuildable Monotube - Expanded Gas Chamber

28 Series Rebuildable Monotube Shock - Expanded Gas Chamber

QA1 is proud to announce the latest addition to its ever-popular and expanding circle track line of products - the new 28 Series gas pressurized shock.

Electroless Nickel Plated Body
Based on the rock solid 26 Series platform, the 28 Series is electroless nickel plated on the inside and out, encapsulating the base metal to completely seal out the elements and creating a durable, smooth finish on the inside for a consistent performance. This nickel plating provides excellent corrosion resistance, superior hardness, consistency and lubricity.

Expanded Gas Chamber
The 28 Series also features an expanded gas chamber. This expanded gas chamber eliminates the unwanted rod force increase when the shock is compressed.

Hi-Lo Piston
The newly designed Hi-Lo Piston is designed to be user friendly and extremely versatile, featuring kidney shaped ports on one face and round ports on the other. This feature allows the piston to be flipped to create a softer curve on one side coupled with a stiffer curve on the other side. This versatility allows the Hi-Lo piston to be used in any position on the car. The hard anodized finish creates a wear resistant surface and reduces valve friction for more consistent performance. The piston features substantial porting to increase flow characteristics and can be retrofitted to QA1 26 Series shocks, too. 

Shock Options to Fit Your Needs:

Hyperscrew (28 Series)
The hyperscrew equipped shocks have a threaded round port near the bearing end of the shock body. This hole is then sealed with a small screw that has a o=ring built into it, sealing the nitrogen gas pressure inside the shock.

Sealed Hyperscrew (28A Series)
The 28A Series shocks feature a sealed hyperscrew. The gas pressure of these shocks is only adjustable by QA1 and QA1 Authorized Rebuilders per sanctioning body, like IMCA, and track rules.

Schrader Valve (28V Series)
With a Schrader valve you can easily adjust your gas pressure. Much like adding air to your car tires, the Schrader valve allows you to make "on the fly" gas pressure adjustments between heat races and features to adjust for varying track conditions.




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