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QA1 Circle Track Racing Shocks

QA1 offers a wide selection of both twin tube and monotube shocks, which are completely racer rebuildable and revalveable. We all know racing is expensive, which is why we have designed our shock absorbers to give you the ultimate cost savings advantage.





If you bend a monotube or twin tube body, it's no big deal. QA1 shocks are not throw-away shocks like other brands. Simply call us up and get a new body ordered, or make a call to your local QA1 dealer. Each and every component of every QA1 racing shock is available for purchase. No longer do you have to send your shocks into a repair place to have them fixed. With just a few tools and a few minutes, anybody can fix or tune a QA1 shock! And, with our precision machined components, you'll consistently get the result you want - every time.

When we designed our racer rebuildable, revalvable circle track shock line, we had one goal in mind: Victory! This is the reason all QA1 circle track shocks come with deflective disk valving for optimal shock valving on both the compression and rebound strokes.

What is deflective disk technology and why is it so important?

Deflective disk valving is a series of individual disks stacked together to create a valve stack. This valve stack is what creates your valving resistance, or valve code. The number of disks and the thickness of the disks affect the resistance of the shock.

Deflective disk valving allows you to completely tune your shock absorber to fit your driving and handling needs. QA1 has taken these technologies and applied it to our complete line of racing shocks. All QA1 shocks come with a precision-machined aluminum piston for maximum heat displacement and consistency. This allows you, the racer, to completely change the valving in your shocks to the valving you need.

What's important in the bearings?

High quality bearings are crucial to the successful operation of a shock absorber. QA1 is the market leader in rod ends and spherical bearings to racing, and it shows in our replaceable bearings. The balls in our spherical bearings are manufactured from 52100 bearing steel, and are heat treated, precision ground and hard chrome plated. The housings are heat treated stainless steel. This combination, coupled with extremely tight tolerances for a perfect fit, results in consistent smooth operation of the bearings.

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