• Built and designed specifically for the high performance needs of K&N Series
  • Latest technologies in hydraulic fluid control, from the use of low friction seals, advanced piston designs for managing pressures, and larger nitrogen volumes.
  • JRi advanced and ongoing research continues to provide the most consistent shock on the market
  • Exclusive JRi Shock Support Program
  • Better platform control
  • High misalignment shaft bearing assembly
  • Larger nitrogen volume
  • Improved grip
  • Minimal hysteresis
  • Increased response time


The SL/10 Steel Body Damper was designed with the same performance based technology that JRi incorporates in all of our products, while remaining cost effective for the racer.

  • Low Cost, High Performance
  • No Schrader Valve
  • Non-adjustable
  • Gas Charged
  • Coil Over Kit Available


  • Built and designed specifically for the high demands of sprint car racing.
  • Advanced design utilizes maximum flow and hydraulic fluid control.
  • Larger nitrogen volume provides unmatched stability and consistent performance.
  • Floating seal head, low friction seals and increased nitrogen volume equals greater consistency.
  • Light weight design and packaging allows for application in most sprint cars.
  • High misalignment seal head
  • Increased nitrogen volume
  • Increased frequency response
  • Light weight
  • Custom lengths available


  • Custom designed specifically for dirt tracks
  • Unmatched grip in rough and slick track conditions
  • JRi high-end high-performance technology designs remaining cost effective
  • Increased frequency response
  • Improved repeatability
  • Unmatched grip
  • Custom lengths and configurations available
  • Highly Reduced friction


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